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8 Strange New Deep Sea Creatures

Learn about some new sea creatures that recently made their debut to the land world! Special Thanks To: Victoria Vásquez at Pacific Shark Research Center, ...
Uploaded: 2016-06-08T21:00:00.000Z

Massive Unidentified Sea Monster Caught on Video Off Oil-Rig

Uploaded: 2013-09-20T02:59:15.000Z

ALL Animals, Dinosaurs & Sea Monsters SIZE COMPARISON

Over 400 iconic animals, dinosaurs and sea monsters featured in this animated size comparison. How small would a diver swimming next to a Blue whale or a ...
Uploaded: 2016-01-23T22:18:13.000Z

Deep Sea Fisherman Captures Real Life Sea Monsters

Deep sea fisherman captures real life sea monsters. We take a look at a deep sea fisherman that captures real life sea monsters. A Russian fishermans twitter ...
Uploaded: 2018-03-27T16:55:59.000Z

5 Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Caught On Tape

5 mysterious deep sea creatures caught on tape. Today we count down 5 mysterious creatures caught on camera. Number 5 - Bigfin Squid NUmber 4 - The ...
Uploaded: 2016-07-30T11:10:41.000Z

Sea Monsters size comparison (Movies)

Sea monsters are what makes our tv screens worth the dough! There are many sea monsters in movies ranging from deadly sharks to extinct dinosaurs to aliens ...
Uploaded: 2018-08-29T16:27:20.000Z

Top 10 Incredible Prehistoric Sea Monsters

Top 10 Incredible Prehistoric Sea Monsters // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF ...
Uploaded: 2017-04-20T00:00:01.000Z

8 Incredible Deep Sea Oddities!

Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you ) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: There's some strange creatures ...
Uploaded: 2015-09-01T20:00:08.000Z

Deep Sea Creatures - Top 10 Most Amazing Sea Creatures Ever Discovered!

The deep sea is the lowest layer of the ocean, at a depth of 1800m or more. Little or no light penetrates so deep; it was therefore thought historically that no Deep ...
Uploaded: 2015-02-28T14:21:05.000Z

15 Scary Deep Sea Creatures

From giant-mouthed sharks to glow-in-the-dark octopus, we count 15 deep sea creatures both fascinating and often times terrifying found thousands of metres ...
Uploaded: 2014-05-19T13:13:05.000Z

Deep Sea Creatures - Nature's Microworlds - Episode 11 Preview - BBC Four

SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: More about this programme: Descending 200 meters into ...
Uploaded: 2013-02-13T15:34:52.000Z

10 Creepy Sea Creatures You Didn't Know Existed

Did you know any of these amazing and scary deep sea creatures? It's hard to believe these bizarre animals exist. Subscribe: 'Hatchet ...
Uploaded: 2014-08-27T13:57:20.000Z

7 Things We Don't Know About the Ocean

The ocean covers 70% of the planet, but humans still don't know very much about it. In this episode, Hank discusses seven mysterious ocean topics. Hosted by: ...
Uploaded: 2016-04-03T21:00:00.000Z

Deep Sea Fish Farming in Geodesic Domes: Upgrade

In this episode of Upgrade, Motherboard goes to Baja California, Mexico to get a firsthand look at these free floating pods, and to get an understanding for why ...
Uploaded: 2014-12-18T21:55:14.000Z

Stunning images of deep sea creatures

Some ocean creatures are so new to us, they don't even have names. Scientists just captured stunning images of deep sea creatures.
Uploaded: 2015-05-11T14:20:24.000Z

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