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Macross Frontier movie ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ Kokuchi CM

Macross Frontier Movie Trailer.
Uploaded: 2009-10-18T06:42:52.000Z

50 AMAZING ANIME IMPRESSIONS ! Sub & Dub | Noodlerella

Uploaded: 2016-04-02T18:47:47.000Z

Robotech/The Killers AMV "A Dustland Fairytale" (i.e. "Macross: Reconstruction")

Music: The Killers "A Dustland Fairytale" from their DAY & AGE album, 2008. Video: Macross Saga (SDF Macross) "Reconstruction Blues," "Robotech Masters," ...
Uploaded: 2014-02-06T17:38:22.000Z

My Top Seiyuu Artists in Anime

In the anime industry, Seiyuus not only perform voices for anime characters, but they sing songs too. Some of them are pretty good at it; others, not so much.
Uploaded: 2018-03-17T17:00:02.000Z

SPAZ 2 Relaxing Macross Missile Massacre

Trying to get rid of your local zombie infestation? Don't fight them. Massacre them with a ridiculous amount of missiles. Marvel at the sight of a thousand ...
Uploaded: 2016-05-20T07:59:41.000Z

I'll be your commander // Sasuke feat Kyouya [REUPLOAD]

This video was blocked and deleted from youtube. So i changed the pitch and uploaded it back again. Epic fail. Don't you hunt me again youtube. I'm currently ...
Uploaded: 2013-06-28T13:13:17.000Z

Macross - Cinderella Cover (Acapella)

Demo acapella de Cinderella. Mala calidad de sonido, pero es lo que hay :v.
Uploaded: 2014-12-17T22:36:20.000Z

Kabukimonogatari - OP - Eng Subbed

This is an opening from the Second Season of Monogatari with Commie subs and the source is the BDs. Thanks!
Uploaded: 2015-09-12T17:16:07.000Z

ランナー (超時空要塞 マクロス) [Piano]

"超時空要塞マクロス"より エンディングテーマ『ランナー』(1982年) フルHD撮影のテストを兼ねてアップロード。 テレビ版では様々なところ...
Uploaded: 2011-03-05T14:57:54.000Z

Dodge the Missiles

I died like a million times, game is too hard. I am not nearly newtype or macross enough for this shit. Game:
Uploaded: 2014-09-28T06:45:19.000Z

Το Πιάνο Φεύγει (Piano has gone)_parafono jazz club, athens

Το Πιάνο Φεύγει (Piano has gone) Parafono Jazz Club, Athens Saturday, 10th of July 2010 Μεταφορά πιάνων Piano Trasportation: Αρης Χονδρός Τηλ....
Uploaded: 2010-07-12T16:54:20.000Z

【Memories_Off】Film_Makers 【高音質】

Uploaded: 2008-08-29T14:07:11.000Z

【GS】 Like a ☆ DOMINO {Collab w/ Esther ♔}

Studios: Hi!!!! FINALLYYY, here is the collab with my cousin Ghostgirl97 ^^ She's newer than me in editing ...
Uploaded: 2012-01-26T20:27:42.000Z

Sword Art Online II (SAO II) Opening 2

Uploaded: 2014-10-19T10:25:24.000Z

{SD29} My Boyfriend is a Pilot English Dubb

hey there! 2010 yay feelin a bit nostalgic cuz i watched this series back in 2007 :D sorry if it may suck a bit i was in a bit of a rush :] I DO NOT OWN "WATASHI NO ...
Uploaded: 2010-04-10T19:58:12.000Z

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