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PaintShop Pro 2019 - Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]

[VOICE + TEXT] Get into a new Way of Learning Corel PaintShop Pro 2019. PaintShop Pro 2019 tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics. There is not a ...
Uploaded: 2018-08-26T14:44:02.000Z

PaintShop Pro 2018 - Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]

[VOICE + TEXT] Get into a new Way of Learning Corel PaintShop Pro 2018. PaintShop Pro 2018 tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics. There is not a ...
Uploaded: 2017-09-24T09:39:40.000Z

Creating the Selective Color Effect in PaintShop Pro

Here are 2 different techniques to create a selective color effect in PaintShop Pro. Visit our tutorial page to download the sample images and written tutorial so ...
Uploaded: 2018-03-14T17:09:36.000Z

Erste Schritte mit PaintShop Pro

In diesem kurzen Tutorial lernen Sie die Grundlagen zu PaintShop Pro kennen. Wenn Sie das Programm zum ersten Mal benutzen, werden Sie staunen, was ...
Uploaded: 2018-08-09T12:29:24.000Z

Webinar: Introducing PaintShop Pro 2019!

PaintShop Pro 2019 is here, and we want to show you all the new and improved features that were inspired by user ideas! In this webinar, the team behind ...
Uploaded: 2018-08-10T19:38:42.000Z

How to Use the Magic Wand Selection Tool in PaintShop Pro

Learn how to use the Magic Wand selection tool in PaintShop Pro to select an object, and how to adjust the various settings to achieve a perfect selection.
Uploaded: 2018-09-27T13:09:05.000Z

Introducing Corel PaintShop Pro X9

Inspire, explain, persuade. Your photos can do so much. Unlock their power with Corel® PaintShop® Pro X9, easier, faster, more-creative-than-ever ...
Uploaded: 2017-01-27T15:28:25.000Z

How to use the selection tools in PaintShop Pro

This in-depth video tutorial will give you a look at the selection tools in PaintShop Pro: what are the different types of selection tools, what are the different options ...
Uploaded: 2016-10-21T17:16:11.000Z

Webinar: Working with layers in PaintShop Pro

Layers are essential for advanced image editing, compositing and graphic design. Add elements to your images, create artistic effects and more, without ...
Uploaded: 2017-11-03T15:25:00.000Z

Photo Editing | Adobe Photoshop vs Corel Paintshop Pro X8

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC: PaintShop Pro 2019: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying ...
Uploaded: 2016-06-27T21:30:00.000Z

Remove Image Background with Corel Paintshop Pro

This video is aimed at removing background from an image. We have used PEN tool to make the selection in this tutorial.
Uploaded: 2016-01-14T17:51:26.000Z

Using the Clone Brush in Corel PaintShop Pro X6 In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Clone Brush tool in PaintShop Pro X6. Don't forget to visit the Discovery Center for ...
Uploaded: 2013-09-04T13:56:16.000Z

Paint Shop Pro 2018 Demonstration

Len Nasman demonstrates Paint Shop Pro 2018 to the Bristol Village Ohio Computer Club November 13, 2017. Please visit the PSP 2019 tutorial at: ...
Uploaded: 2017-11-25T16:20:19.000Z

Corel PaintShop Pro X7 - Introducción

En este taller conoceremos las herramientas que Corel Paint Shop Pro X6 nos brinda, es solamente una introducción. Taller impartido por: Enrique Gráficos.
Uploaded: 2015-01-14T19:28:10.000Z

Corel Paint Shop Pro X8, REVIEW

PaintShop x8 review. See what is new in version 8.
Uploaded: 2015-08-26T02:31:40.000Z

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