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[HD] "Fred: the Movie" - Official Trailer

Internet sensation Fred introduces his very own MOVIE this September 18th on Nickelodeon! It's gunna be hackin awesome! :D.
Uploaded: 2010-09-16T07:56:50.000Z

Fred the movie in iCarly

iCarly 2010 Fred on iCarly Fred the movie Note: (any trailer movie OR Game OR ~ ) * **just add commant* ** Any Thing W*********A!!
Uploaded: 2010-11-17T16:30:59.000Z

Fred Gets a Haircut

If you liked this video go to: After Fred's school informs his mom that he has lice, she drops him off at a hair salon to get his hair buzzed off.
Uploaded: 2010-05-27T11:11:47.000Z

I'm Here To Watch The Fred Movie! (Fred Movie cont

Our entry for the Fred contest :D.
Uploaded: 2010-09-25T16:00:05.000Z

Fred Goes Swimming

Fred tries out his new pool that his mom picked up at a local dump.
Uploaded: 2008-06-19T19:37:20.000Z

Fred Astaire Cuts Loose: 1970 Oscars

Fred Astaire and Bob Hope present the Academy Awards for Documentary Feature to Bernard Chevry for Arthur Rubinstein - The Love of Life, and for ...
Uploaded: 2014-01-23T16:40:39.000Z

Fred the Movie (Review) (9-23-10)

It's a great movie, check it out. :-D.
Uploaded: 2010-09-23T15:09:08.000Z

Rita Ora Decides on Italian, French or Scottish | The Jonathan Ross Show

Rita Ora is forced to decide on which country she would choose for a blind date, French, Italian or Scottish #TheJRShow #ITV #RitaOra Subscribe to The ...
Uploaded: 2018-10-06T21:00:05.000Z

Fat Freddys Drop - Based On A True Story (Full Album)

This is the first studio album made by the beautiful group from New Zealand in 2005. Great music, enjoy I do not own any kind of rights upon this material, neither ...
Uploaded: 2012-10-12T13:38:25.000Z

Fred the Austin 12 Harley

Roys 1933 Austin takes a run in the countryside Easter 2010.
Uploaded: 2010-04-11T11:09:32.000Z

The New Fred Runs Way

fred is running away from kevin.
Uploaded: 2010-03-18T22:58:44.000Z

Cena AA's Fred

John Cena use's an Attitude Adjustment on Fred.
Uploaded: 2010-11-08T16:26:55.000Z

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010) - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Audition Scene (4/5) | Movieclips

Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: FandangoNOW ...
Uploaded: 2015-09-18T16:53:42.000Z

Fred! 911

Funny Fred movie Fred! Judy 911 shorty fire burning on the dance floor.
Uploaded: 2010-09-19T19:59:08.000Z

FRED Makes a Movie ! Ft.D.Beckham & Killer Ants! (#2) Re FRED: The Movie (Re: Fred 2)

Fred Goes To The Movies!! . . . then FRED MAKES HIS OWN MOVIE! using paper, cardboard & a marker-pen ! CLICK HERE FOR PART-ONE ...
Uploaded: 2010-07-09T21:33:52.000Z

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