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Ocean Girl | S3E1 | Danger In The Reef

Winston calls Dianne and her sons back from their vacation informing them that UBRI has won the contract to construct ORCA City and their plans threaten a ...
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Ocean Girl | S3E17 | Charlie Is Stranded

Brett tries unsuccessfully to get Kal to come out of the spaceship. Dianne is granted a tribunal hearing to voice her concerns about the effects UBRI's construction ...
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Ocean Girl | S3E5 | Diving Around Obstacles

Concerned about Kal's development, Neri asks Jason to talk to him. After telling him to stay on the island, Kal follows Neri to ORCA. Brett, Benny and Cass are ...
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Ocean Girl | S3E10 | Benny In Trouble

Neri moves the Synchronium piece to her secret underwater cave to keep it safe. Benny's father chastises him for spending time with Brett and Cass instead of ...
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Ocean Girl | S2E13 | Return

Neri and Mera make the decision to return to the Ocean Planet and convince Diane that her research must continue. Froggy fixes H.E.L.E.N., with a little help ...
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Ocean Girl | S3E2 | Amnesia

Brett talks Jason and Neri into looking for a way into the spacecraft they found buried on Neri's island, but their search is unsuccessful. Brett and Benny meet ...
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Ocean Girl clip from season 3

season 3 clip.
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Ocean Girl [Deutsch] | S3E1 | Das Riff in Gefahr

Dianne Bates befindet sich mit ihren Söhnen in den Ferien an Land, als ein alarmierender Anruf von Winston sie zwingt, den Urlaub abzubrechen.
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Ocean Girl [Deutsch] | S1E3 | Das Treibnetz

Jason Bates, der ORCA öde und langweilig fand, entwickelt ungeahnte Aktivitäten. Er nimmt Tauchunterricht und erwirbt das Kapitänspatent für kleinere Boote.
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Ocean Girl | S2E7 | No Place Like Home

Mera is having a difficult time adjusting to living on the island and Neri leaves her alone while she goes to help with the survey again. Mick gets Froggy to use ...
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Ocean Girl | S2E1 | The Return

Jason and Brett eagerly await the return of Neri and Charlie, as does UBRI's Dr. Hellegren who wants to study just one of the returning humpback whales, ...
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Ocean Girl | S1E1 | The Girl in the Sea

In order to continue her research on whales, Dr. Dianne Bates is assigned to ORCA. She arrives there to do the research with Dr. Winston Seth, but her two sons, ...
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Ocean Girl Season Three Menu

This is the Season 3 DVD Menu to the 90s show Ocean Girl.
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Ocean Girl | S1E13 | Tough Decision

Jason and Brett round up their friends to help rescue Charlie, but Jason must also tell them the truth about Neri. Dianne deletes all of her computer research ...
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Neri and Jason - More than this

i love this couples.
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