Return to Shetek: The Courage of the Fool Soldiers (Trailer)

To purchase DVD visit Return to Shetek: The Courage of the Fool Soldiers DVD at the Wounded Knee Museum Online Store: Two powerful stories from the past transform present day relations between the descendants of Native Americans and white settler families of 1862. Return to the Minnesota of 1862: a time of opportunity for young white settlers. Then turn again to see how the settlers' gain and the Dakota people's loss led to inevitable conflict. View this story of war and captivity through living descendants of the Lake Shetek settlers. Travel Dakota Territory to hear stories of the Fool Soldier rescuers' compassion and courage described by their descendants. Imagine the possibility of the Native American rescuers' and the white captives' descendants meeting after nearly 150 years of separation. All DVD sales directly support "The Fool Soldier Scholarship Fund" All video provided by the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation ( ( Museum Homepage Museum Gift Store Museum Blog