In This Moment - Blood

In This Moment performing Blood. Lyric video. Enjoy! RE Lyrics: I have checked over the years to see if In This Moment has added an official lyrics list on their website, but this has not happened. Searching on the internet for the lyrics to this particular song produces mixed results, making it difficult to determine what the correct lyrics truly are. However, I have gone with these specific lyrics after listening to a softer version of the song where the words sounded more like what I have written out than what some people claim they are. Please keep in mind that the lyrics may go either way, but until In This Moment places the lyrics up, I will stick to the lyrics the video currently lays out. Thank you for reading this message, and I hope that you can enjoy the video whether or not your ears hear the words differently! Album: Blood (2012) - In This Moment Written by: Maria Brink, Chris Howorth, Kevin Churko, Kane Churko Produced by: Kevin Churko Official video: Made with VideoPad Video Editor. Check out more of my videos by visiting my channel: