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With her husband Gerry, the Camerons were generous and caring, wanting to make sure that the people in our community were taken care of and helped. The hungry have been fed, and this life is the reason why. You will be missed, but your legacy lives! My favorite memories of Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Gerry was when they would take me out for our birthdays. It was so sweet of them but because Gerry and I shared birthdays it was extra special.

One of many lovely memories I have of Marilyn was the occasion of her 40th birthday. With a prominent arrow pointing to the Cameron home. Marilyn was slightly embarrassed but pleased as well with the attention and good wishes she received from all. It was a beautiful and fun party that I was lucky to attend as a friend of her daughter Susan. She will be missed by everyone who knew her.

Much love to all her family.

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In reading this most beautiful, heartfelt and loving tribute to Kevin, I am moved by the richness of the experiences of him by those who knew him best, and by his legacy of love in having donated bone marrow to his brother, Jake. I will never forget, Cathy, the day you discovered that Kevin was a match for Jake.

Were it not for his selfless, lifesaving gift, there might not be the three beautiful children who have added so much love and happiness to your extraordinary family. May Kevin Rest In Peace, and may you and all his loved ones find comfort and peace in memories and fellowship. God speed sir Your work here on earth is complete It brings us great sad your gone but we rejoice your coming home to the Lord I pray for the strength for your family.

You will always be missed Jasmine, you were the greatest teacher ever and never restricted anybody. You'll always stay a positive influence. I miss you so much Corey I love you and I know you watch out for me wherever you are. Heartbroken to hear of the passing of this terrific young man with the infectious smile. Although we have not had the pleasure of seeing him for many years, but will fondly remember all the times we enjoyed with him and his wonderful family.

God Bless him in his eternal rest, and God Bless his family who have to deal with this great loss. I miss you every day, my dear brother. Rest in peace. With my love I met Kevin when he was a I want a real azz n Hillsboro woman infant - but when he stopped crying, his gorgeous eyes, his smile and his cute cowlick made you forget that he ever cried! I had the opportunity to meet up with Kevin a of times over the years. There was no crying when we got together - only smiles, laughs and his urge to share his favourite.

Kevin was generous with whatever he had - and the courage that he mustered to get on a plane and donate stem cells was astounding! He showed me courage that I rarely get to see. When I get into a hard spot and have to muster up courage, he is one of my sources of strength. Cogan was my first dentist when I moved to Portland in He was not only an outstanding dentist but a wonderful and kind human being. His memory is indeed a blessing. He was a real leader and innovator. Also, he took good care of my teeth for many years, and I enjoyed his wonderful sense of humor.

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May God rest his soul. We and Gerald and Zadell were married four days apart in and our first children, Laurie and Mark, were born a day apart in He was a special brother, brother in law and uncle to all our children and we have many fond family memories. Cogan, This makes me very sad! You will be very missed. I really enjoyed working with you for so many years.

Dr Gerald Cogan was a tireless and passionate advocate for protecting our constitutional rights and freedoms. Please re-read the Preamble to the US Constitution. He was devoted to the ideals of our country, and was writing a book based on the Preamble. He was a man who took to heart the admonition of the prophet to love justice and mercy and walk humbly with the Eternal.

He will be missed. Such a kind man. Enjoyed working with you Dr. Condolences to the Cogan family. I admired him greatly. Oh, this makes me sad. Hamakon yenachem etchem. Condolences to all the extended family; to Uncle Gerald's siblings, his children and his grandchildren. So sorry to hear about the passing of my brother Bob. He read books while I played outside. Very proud of what he accomplished throughout his life. We are so thankful to have spent time with Ed, especially after Margaret passed away, when he shared stories about growing up on a farm, when the family dog saved his life at a very young age, and some of his memories of being part of the Normandy Invasion and being recruited to drive General Patton around periodically.

Many of these visits were over breakfast at Elmer's or later at the house with the hospitality of his family or in front of our house, visiting with Debora and Ed on their way home from a scenic drive. We will miss you dear friend!!! Debbie, Barbara, I want a real azz n Hillsboro woman Steve, It's hard to believe your dad is gone.

It truly feels like the end of an era! I never knew he had served overseas in WWII. As it never occurred to me to ask. My memories of Ed are from childhood, when we lived directly behind the Doells on the same block in North Portland. We attended the same church, and Debbie and I were in the same class in school. My dad and Ed took turns, week by week, patiently driving us kids to school in the mornings.

If I remember rightly, Ed drove a Mustang in the 60's? The memories that make me smile the most: Ed and his beloved Chihuahuas. Ed carrying puppy Mindy around in his shirt pocket. Ed racing outside at night in his bathrobe to rescue Cindy when she tangled with a raccoon he actually grabbed the raccoon and flung it across the yard! He really loved those dogs! Debbie, it meant so much to us that you and Ed came to my mom's funeral. If I had known in time, I would have been there at your dad's service. My condolences on your loss. Steve, So sorry to hear about your dad.

He lived one hell of a life. Our thought are with you and your family. Uncle Ed, You will be truly missed. Even though you weren't my real uncle, that is what we all called you at Van Specialties for the many years we worked together. RIP God bless you my friend. Doell was one of our favorite patients. May he rest in peace Jean Wilson Mrs. Dr John Wilson.

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We are thinking of the Doell family and sending our sympathy and support. Edward lived a long and productive life and was blessed by his wonderful family. With love from John and Suzanne.

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You were a good man, Ed Doell. With all your loved ones again.

I want a real azz n Hillsboro woman

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