Yoon han lee so yeon real dating

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Even though it's just a variety show without any emotions invested, I bet her male partner in 'WGM' is still shocked. Nothing shocking about it. What a lie. Just that they're not like Dispatch with paparazzis that follow stars around for proof pictures.

Their rumors are usually on point. Do people really believe WGM is real? EDIT :now i know why i didn't know it ended,i stopped watching the recent episode of WGM half way through cause i got bored lol but if she ended it because she is in fact dating some one else,i give her props for doing that instead of trying to conceal it and continuing on with the show Who do you think she would get closer to and develop feelings for.

Someone she meets once every week or other week for a few hours. Or someone she's with like 14 hours a day for several months? I think it's more of a case of wanting to believe it's real Kinda like how we wanted to believe things like American idol and Survivor were totally real and unstaged.

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I accept.

Yoon han lee so yeon real dating

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